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Work Experience Students

Work Experience students.
Most years I take on some work experience students, some of which are only here as there were no places left at their first choice, to get out of school for a week or two or because they actually want to learn more about how a small business in catering works. The latter is the type I enjoy working with me and showing the ropes to.

Today I have had a student from Huddersfield doing a placement to help with her University course. I was quite impressed with the way she contacted me supplying her references and polite introduction email.
We had normal day and it was interesting chatting and finding out about her goals.
I hope she had a fun and informative day and wish her well in her chosen career.

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Dietary Requests at Wilson’s Caterers

Being able to adapt a buffet to accommodate a dietary request can be a challenge but after so many years experience and study I relish this challenge.

I have clients who need a platter of food for coeliac delegates or staff members.

This is a wheat intolerance and can be very painful for the sufferer but with correct management it causes few problems.

Imagine having to attend an all day course or meeting where you know you have to eat but dread what will be on offer. Some pack up a lunch box for themselves but how nice it would be just to let the organiser know and have it catered for you.

If I have such a request I ask them to tell me what they would like to eat and make them a separate platter or construct a meal of gluten free choices and label it with the persons name so its all ready for them to enjoy.

I can make an alternate version for them with no pastry or use rice flour instead, many items on the menus can be adapted like this so please ask if you need further information on my other dietary adaption’s available.

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Halal food at Wilson’s Caterers

Here in Bradford we have many ethnic types of food on offer so catering for the many tastes is exciting.

I am often asked to provide a buffet that caterers for Halal followed by the question “what is Halal food?”

Unless you eat halal many actually have no idea what it means.

The term is used to designate food seen as permissible according to Islamic law. Halal essentially is food that Muslims are allowed to eat according to Islamic law. The laws require that only certain types of meat can be eaten and that meat must be prepared in a certain way, it is also essential that halal food is not prepared with non-halal food as there is a risk of cross contamination if a chef accidentally uses the same knife to cut the different types of meat with for example.

Halal food can be a mix of meat, fish and vegetarian so there is always a wide variety to choose from and it is not always spicy curry style so can suit most taste buds too.

I purchase meat from my local halal butcher and other ingredients from my local Asian store so the food is as authentic as possible. I really enjoy the creating finger food which is easy to eat and tasty with all the lovely spices and vegetables available.

If you have any ideas which could be adapted for my menus please contact me I would love to hear them.

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Finger Buffets at Wilsons Caterers

Catering in Bradford has been my business for a long time and I have found that many businesses are wanting a lunch that provides an assortment of food that is easy to eat and tasty. Many of my customers want a multi-national menu and I often need to tailor make a menu to suit their delegates, client or colleagues.

My finger buffets have a range of prices to fit all budgets and I have planned them to offer a wide choice of flavours.

Within the price structures I can alter the menus to accommodate all vegetarian choices or halal.
Feed back from customers is very important to me as it gives an insight into to what is the preferred food at the moment. We strive to keep up with modern trends to keep from falling into a rut and I update the menus to reflect this.
Send me your ideas of any finger food you would like to see.

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