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Wilson’s Caterers go back to school.

Dixons Allerton Academy

The last two weeks have been as busy as ever here in the Wilson’s Caterers kitchens but I have had a really lovely job providing a buffet lunch to Dixons Allerton Academy.

This was for a Holiday Club which was provided for the children as a ‘top-up’ to their education giving a little extra help to those who wanted it.

Every day the children had tasks to do which  included making models and playing games while learning which in my opinion is the best way to learn with out even realising you are learning. They had extra help with literacy and maths all in cooperated into a fun and interesting schedule. The children made models of islands and filled them with all types of things that they would like on their own little island, one even had a volcano that gave off  smoke. There was another task which involved making a time machine.

The children and teachers always looked as if they were having great fun and the best bit for me was the shouts of “yeah lunch has arrived”.

Even thought it was Ramadan the children still had lunch as they do a child friendly version of Ramadan but all the food had to be Halal. I varied it each day but I secretly think they enjoyed the cakes best.

Dixons Allerton Academy


On the last day there was a presentation of their work for the parents to see and I had a number of parents compliment Wilson’s Caterers on  a good job done,  which is lovely, feed back is very important but most of all seeing the happy children every day made it a great job for us all at the school and Wilson’s Caterers.

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