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Quiches, Tartlets and Frittatas.

Quiches, Tartlets and Frittatas.

All these are made with eggs but are very different.

The humble quiche can be considered a bit boring and many people don’t really like them but here at Wilson’s Caterers I have been making my own crustless version and they are chock full of cheeses and other tasty things.  They are becoming much more popular than the cold pastry crust quiches of old.


Although they still have eggs in they are not like mini quiches at all.  I make them with cheese and wholegrain mustard, Stilton and red onion and red Leicester with red peppers  Because they are small and easy to handle I have found these to have a great feed back on the working lunch, adding a visual attraction to a buffet as well as a tasty alternative to quiche.


A Spanish Omelette  is the basis for these and you will find these on the menu of any good tapas restaurant.

I make a version that is easy to eat and cut into bite size pieces, filled with traditional things like beef tomatoes, chorizo and basil I also can make them suitable for vegetarians.

They have no flour so are suitable for a gluten free diet and as I bake them they are lower in fat. They do still have cheese in so not quite guilt free.

Email me if you would like to try any of my tasty alternatives to quiche on your buffet lunch.

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