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Where our food is sourced.

Where does your food come from?

Due to recent enquiries about this I thought it would be useful to explain where much of our food is sourced.

If you have been to our website at you will see we have a wide range of buffets to offer. To say where everything is sourced would take up many pages so here is a basic list.

  • Fruit, Vegetables and Salad.

Where ever possible I purchase fresh produce from local suppliers, not just local but the produce they sell is from the local area or at least Yorkshire.

Much of my fruit and vegetables is organic and I use :

The Cellar Project Farfield Rd, Shipley, Bradford .

Abel and Cole (

Keelham Farm Shop.

Sometimes it is necessary to use supermarket produce if the order is short notice.

  • Dairy and Cold Meat.

I take pride in supplying Yorkshire sourced cheeses for my cheese board and although this maybe a little more expensive I have found that the majority of customers appreciate the difference in flavour to mass produced  supermarket or cash and carry cheeses.

I use Stobbart’s for my pies. They are based in Bradford and have been a family business since 1869.

Cold meats for the meat platters is usually purchased from Keelham Farm Shop as I know its from Yorkshire butchers and freshly cooked which means it has a good flavour too.

  • Free Range items. Homemade Items.

As far as possible I use free range eggs and milk in the homemade items like quiches and tartlets. Some clients request ‘shop bought’ quiches and this is fine some people prefer these for their clients or delegates but they are not made with free range eggs.

I hope this has helped with any queries you have but please email or ring if you want any further information.

Telephone: 01274 200654

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