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Halal Policy

Halal Food.

I have had recent feed back from customers regarding the Halal food options I offer and been asked a number of questions.

So here I have a few FAQ’s and answerers.

  • What special policies do you have to ensure its true Halal?

When we have a special request for Halal food one staff member only prepares the Halal food they do not have anything to do with the rest of the catering until the Halal items are finished, packed, labelled for the client. Then they are responsible for the cleaning and washing of the utensils and area along with making sure that all Halal food to be stored is correctly fridged and put away in the correct storage places.

  • Where do you buy your Halal meat from?

I purchase my meat from a local butcher called I.Q. Halal Butcher, they are based in Bradford and I have used them for quite a few years now.

  • Where do you source your other Halal products like Samosas and kebabs?

I make my own onion bhajis. Samosas and other kebab items from a company called Spices and Rice’s. They are based in Batley , you canĀ  find their website at

  • Do you have specially trained staff for preparing the Halal food?

No I don’t but ALL my staff and myself have been trained in how to prepare the food to meet the requirements and I have a designated area of the kitchen and separate utensils and equipment so there can be no cross contamination with western food.

  • I hope this answers some of your questions but if not please feelĀ  free to email and ask more.

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