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Finger Buffets at Wilsons Caterers

Catering in Bradford has been my business for a long time and I have found that many businesses are wanting a lunch that provides an assortment of food that is easy to eat and tasty. Many of my customers want a multi-national menu and I often need to tailor make a menu to suit their delegates, client or colleagues.

My finger buffets have a range of prices to fit all budgets and I have planned them to offer a wide choice of flavours.

Within the price structures I can alter the menus to accommodate all vegetarian choices or halal.
Feed back from customers is very important to me as it gives an insight into to what is the preferred food at the moment. We strive to keep up with modern trends to keep from falling into a rut and I update the menus to reflect this.
Send me your ideas of any finger food you would like to see.

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