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Dairy Free Ice Cream

Yummy dairy free Strawberry Ice Cream.
Invented by ME!
I have recently discovered that I can’t tollerate dairy produce so I have been trying out tasty options to replace the things I like as a treat which usually have loads of dairy things in.
Here is my latest recipe for Strawberry ice cream, a real treat!
It does help if you have an ice cream maker but if you stir it every half hour in a tub you will get good results.
250ml tub of Alpro Cream.
8 oz of Strawberries.
2 oz of mini marshmallows
2 oz castor sugar.
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 tblsp. warm almond milk.
Dissolve sugar in the warm milk and add vanilla leave to cool.
Mash the strawberries and stir in the cooled milk mix.
Add the cream and stir.
Pour into an ice cream maker and leave it on for the normal time if you have used one before.
turn out into a tub and stir in the marshmallows and put in the freezer until you want it.
If you are not using an ice cream maker stir in the marshmallows when the mixture is not quite solid.
Before serving leave out of the freezer for about 10 mins so its scoopable.

I am looking at all things dairy free as many clients ask for this at Wilson’s Caterers and having tasty options is going to be a great addition to our menu’s which you can see at Go and check them out.

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Credit Card Payments

After a long search for a reasonably priced way of taking card patments over the phone we have now managed to get this started.

It is very easy to take payments and allows companies to pay using a company card So we get the money quicker and its working out to be very successful.
We also take paypal payments and this has been useful for private clients.
So Wilsons Caterers are moving with the times so have a look at our web site at and see what we can do for you.

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Recent Customer Feed Back

Its always nice to get good feed back.
So I thought I would share some here.

“Hi Sarah,
The food was great, thank you. Good service, on time, high quality, and fabulous (according to feedback!).
Can we please have the same again on Tuesday? (At Onward again)

“Thanks for the food yesterday Sarah, it was lovely. When we have the governors meeting on the 20th can we have everything to be either halal or vegetarian please?



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School Diiners

All those years ago I still remember how much I hated school dinners… how funny it is that Wilsons Caterers are providiing a local nursery school with their hot meals for the next three weeks.
Due to a refurbishment of the schools kitchen I have the great job of being a dinner lady. I have to say that the food they are having is wonderfull of course!
If you have a request for food that is not on our menus please ask we will try our best to sort it out for you.

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Appleyards Open Day

Just a quick blog today…
We are looking forward to providing Keighley Appleyards Motor Bikes with their annual lunches.
Anyone who is in the area is welcome to call in. The day is great fun and lots of great bikes to see….and us too.

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Yasmin’s Samosas at Wilson’s Caterers.

I have just found a gem, a local gem!
A locally produced product, Bradford based company.

I always have tried to use local produce on my menus and so pleased I have found Yasmin at Yasmin’s of Bradford.

Yasmin has set up her own little business with the promise of being a huge success.She makes samosas off all varieties and chicken rolls, pickle and chutney to sell to the catering businesses and local shops (and some not so local too).

Yasmin has spent time and effort making the bespoke items, I asked for some with no peas as I hate peas and it was not trouble for her.
Yasmin showed me around the kitchen and told me all about the trial and error process that brought her to be ready to market these Indian snacks. I have never tasted such lovely samosas, meat, chicken and veggie and a chicken roll. I will proudly be promoting these on my menus and to clients. So keep watching the web site for my new Indian Cuisine buffet at Wilson’s Caterers
I wish Yasmin all the best for the future and look forward to using her produce at Wilson’s Caterers.
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Wilson’s Caterers go back to school.

Dixons Allerton Academy

The last two weeks have been as busy as ever here in the Wilson’s Caterers kitchens but I have had a really lovely job providing a buffet lunch to Dixons Allerton Academy.

This was for a Holiday Club which was provided for the children as a ‘top-up’ to their education giving a little extra help to those who wanted it.

Every day the children had tasks to do which  included making models and playing games while learning which in my opinion is the best way to learn with out even realising you are learning. They had extra help with literacy and maths all in cooperated into a fun and interesting schedule. The children made models of islands and filled them with all types of things that they would like on their own little island, one even had a volcano that gave off  smoke. There was another task which involved making a time machine.

The children and teachers always looked as if they were having great fun and the best bit for me was the shouts of “yeah lunch has arrived”.

Even thought it was Ramadan the children still had lunch as they do a child friendly version of Ramadan but all the food had to be Halal. I varied it each day but I secretly think they enjoyed the cakes best.

Dixons Allerton Academy


On the last day there was a presentation of their work for the parents to see and I had a number of parents compliment Wilson’s Caterers on  a good job done,  which is lovely, feed back is very important but most of all seeing the happy children every day made it a great job for us all at the school and Wilson’s Caterers.

If you have any event and would like more information just email me

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Quiches, Tartlets and Frittatas.

Quiches, Tartlets and Frittatas.

All these are made with eggs but are very different.

The humble quiche can be considered a bit boring and many people don’t really like them but here at Wilson’s Caterers I have been making my own crustless version and they are chock full of cheeses and other tasty things.  They are becoming much more popular than the cold pastry crust quiches of old.


Although they still have eggs in they are not like mini quiches at all.  I make them with cheese and wholegrain mustard, Stilton and red onion and red Leicester with red peppers  Because they are small and easy to handle I have found these to have a great feed back on the working lunch, adding a visual attraction to a buffet as well as a tasty alternative to quiche.


A Spanish Omelette  is the basis for these and you will find these on the menu of any good tapas restaurant.

I make a version that is easy to eat and cut into bite size pieces, filled with traditional things like beef tomatoes, chorizo and basil I also can make them suitable for vegetarians.

They have no flour so are suitable for a gluten free diet and as I bake them they are lower in fat. They do still have cheese in so not quite guilt free.

Email me if you would like to try any of my tasty alternatives to quiche on your buffet lunch.

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Halal Policy

Halal Food.

I have had recent feed back from customers regarding the Halal food options I offer and been asked a number of questions.

So here I have a few FAQ’s and answerers.

  • What special policies do you have to ensure its true Halal?

When we have a special request for Halal food one staff member only prepares the Halal food they do not have anything to do with the rest of the catering until the Halal items are finished, packed, labelled for the client. Then they are responsible for the cleaning and washing of the utensils and area along with making sure that all Halal food to be stored is correctly fridged and put away in the correct storage places.

  • Where do you buy your Halal meat from?

I purchase my meat from a local butcher called I.Q. Halal Butcher, they are based in Bradford and I have used them for quite a few years now.

  • Where do you source your other Halal products like Samosas and kebabs?

I make my own onion bhajis. Samosas and other kebab items from a company called Spices and Rice’s. They are based in Batley , you can  find their website at

  • Do you have specially trained staff for preparing the Halal food?

No I don’t but ALL my staff and myself have been trained in how to prepare the food to meet the requirements and I have a designated area of the kitchen and separate utensils and equipment so there can be no cross contamination with western food.

  • I hope this answers some of your questions but if not please feel  free to email and ask more.

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Where our food is sourced.

Where does your food come from?

Due to recent enquiries about this I thought it would be useful to explain where much of our food is sourced.

If you have been to our website at you will see we have a wide range of buffets to offer. To say where everything is sourced would take up many pages so here is a basic list.

  • Fruit, Vegetables and Salad.

Where ever possible I purchase fresh produce from local suppliers, not just local but the produce they sell is from the local area or at least Yorkshire.

Much of my fruit and vegetables is organic and I use :

The Cellar Project Farfield Rd, Shipley, Bradford .

Abel and Cole (

Keelham Farm Shop.

Sometimes it is necessary to use supermarket produce if the order is short notice.

  • Dairy and Cold Meat.

I take pride in supplying Yorkshire sourced cheeses for my cheese board and although this maybe a little more expensive I have found that the majority of customers appreciate the difference in flavour to mass produced  supermarket or cash and carry cheeses.

I use Stobbart’s for my pies. They are based in Bradford and have been a family business since 1869.

Cold meats for the meat platters is usually purchased from Keelham Farm Shop as I know its from Yorkshire butchers and freshly cooked which means it has a good flavour too.

  • Free Range items. Homemade Items.

As far as possible I use free range eggs and milk in the homemade items like quiches and tartlets. Some clients request ‘shop bought’ quiches and this is fine some people prefer these for their clients or delegates but they are not made with free range eggs.

I hope this has helped with any queries you have but please email or ring if you want any further information.

Telephone: 01274 200654

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